BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Food Patrol heads to Brownsville for this week’s ‘Food 4 Thought’ segment.

Taco Bell on 3801 International Blvd is earning a ‘Top Performer’ sticker for having a 100 score on their August 9th Health Inspection report.

Jose Hernandez, manager of this week’s Top Performer was there during the inspection. Hernandez was also there the day the Food Patrol visited to congratulate the team.

“Every day make it fun and find something to clean and recognize people for it,” Hernandez said.

This is Hernandez’s secret sauce and reason his restaurant earned the high score.

The Food Patrol also visited La Palma on 2500 East Avenue in Brownsville.

A customer filed a complaint stating a roach was found in their chile relleno plate. No evidence of roaches were found at the time of the inspection, according to the report.

The complaint also noted staff was advised on how to properly defrost food and cross-contamination.

The Food Patrol went to the restaurant to address the issues.

Brenda San Martin, the owner of La Palma, was quick to explain the situation stating a customer wanted a free meal and lied about the roach.

She showed her bill statements from a local pest control company and invited our cameras into the kitchen.

San Martin was confident in her crew, kitchen and cleanliness. The Food Patrol did not find any evidence of roaches alive or dead.

San Martin and the Food Patrol agreed to meet again when they have a 100 score from the health department’s inspection report to award her crew with a Top Performer sticker.

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