ALAMO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Food 4 Thought returns this week to show viewers what’s que rico and que asco across the Rio Grande Valley.

Lead Investigator Derick Garcia visits this week’s Top Performer restaurant in San Benito.

Noe’s Mexican Cafe located on 148 S. Travis St. is keeping it que rico with their homestyle buttered tortillas and lemonade.

Based on the cafe’s Jan. 10 inspection report, the restaurant earned a perfect score. The Food Patrol stopped by the café to surprise owner Noe Lima with a well-deserved top performer sticker.

The café is also serving perfection on their menu, especially if you’re ordering their carne guisada taco better known as Noe’s Taco.

“It’s my mothers recipe,” the owner said. “It’s very homemade. It’s authentic. It’s rich flavors.”

Noe’s Mexican Cafe is keeping it clean and authentic for all customers.

It’s que asco time!

The Food Patrol traveled to Hidalgo County to check out this week’s que asco spot.

El Pollo Jarocho located in Alamo was hit with 18 points of violation on their March 1 Hidalgo County inspection report.

The report stated “mayonaise out of temperature” and “fridge needs to be worked on.” The restaurant was also threatened with closure due to the food manager no having a certification.

The Food Patrol learned that sinks were not installed in the preparation area or restrooms while several food products and trash bags were being left outside breeding hundreds of flies.

Ramiro, the owner of the restaurant, was not present when the Food Patrol arrived, but after a few calls, he showed up and gave a tour of the area.

While many of the violations from their March report had been corrected, the overall cleanliness was still a problem.

The owner tells the Food Patrol he’s working toward making more corrections and upgrades.

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