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Destination Texas: Monahans Sandhills State Park

Destination Texas

MONAHANS, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – This summer we’re taking you across Texas in our Texas Summer Destination Series. This week, Big 2 went to the Monahans Sandhills State Park.

Tucked away right outside of Monahans, sits this hidden West Texas gem. The Sandhills State Park is just 34 miles west of Odessa.

The Superintendent of the park, Alan Crowe, said people like to come and walk in the dunes, see the wildlife and watch the sunsets.

The park opened in 1957, but the land is much older. “It’s approximately a million years old,” said Superintendent Crowe.

Native Americans used the area for more than 1,200 years. Then in the 1880s, the town became a water stop for the newly laid railroad.

Between dunes and valleys, families have picnics, soak up the sunshine or just have fun. Crowe said, “I guess if you were walking by, you’d think ‘Nah that’s not the spot’ then if you know about it, you’re like ‘wow that’s cool.'”

Visitors told us it is a great place to bring the kids and let them play in the sand.  

The State Park allows visitors to rent sand disks and surf the dunes. Superintendent Crow said the park is more popular in the spring and fall when temperatures are a little cooler.

Visitors tell us, it gets hot out there, quick. There are no marked trails anywhere in the park, so it’s yours to explore, but don’t get lost, and drink a lot of water.

Crowe said, “Now the park is pretty big, it’s 3,900 acres, so you know there is a chance that you could get lost, that you could get heat stress.”

For the kids, there’s a chance to become a Junior Ranger. Visitors can pick up a booklet in the offices, go out into the field, fill everything out, observe the wildlife and observe nature.

Just 50 miles west of Midland, the sandhills can offer a day of fun for you and your whole family. Hang out in the sun, get some sand in your shoes, and have a good time. 

Make sure you check out the park’s website for current information related to the Covid-19 shutdowns. 

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