RAYMONDVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Willacy County Fair kicked off last weekend with tons of family-friendly activities, and it is now getting ready to enter the animal judging competitions.

They have almost 200 students showing animals from all over Willacy County. 

It’s an awesome opportunity for people from around the Rio Grande Valley to get together and come support the kids of Willacy County.

“We’ll have a person in here who evaluates the animals, and it’s kind of like an animal beauty pageant and in that selects our winners, which dictates the order that they’ll sell in and our premium auction on Saturday night,” said Mitch Thomas, member of Willacy County Stock Show Board.

This is the 22nd year with a premium auction, but the county fair has been a yearly tradition since the 1950s.

In 2022, they raised nearly $300,000 for the 200 kids who participated. 

All the money from the auction of animals–or that’s added on– goes back to the kid who took care of the animal, officials said.

The auction will happen Saturday, but Thursday and Friday are when the animals will get judged and receive the order.

The Willacy County Fair is at 10520 Business 77 in Raymondville.

A schedule of events is online here.

“I’m super excited. We’ve been working all year long and tomorrow’s finally the day. I’m really excited because I can’t wait to see how my pig does  tomorrow, and I’m so ready for it to be next year again,” said students Diana Conde and Mia Saenz