HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — With the holiday season in full swing, Rio Grande Valley police departments are asking the public to take safety precautions.

Chief Joel Rivera with the Weslaco Police Department says when it comes to businesses they urge them to lock down their displays. Use of padlocks, making sure the display is not in a blind spot. Have constant security with regard to their employees. Also, make sure they check on the products because those are things that are very important to a business to maintain its product(s).

“A big concern for the consumer is when leaving their cars parked, make sure to lock their doors, said Chief Rivera. “Many of the reports we’ve taken, people just don’t secure their doors. Additionally, don’t leave items out in plain view. Put them in the trunk, put them under the seats, and make sure that you know as people walk by that they can’t see those items.”

Rivera urges the public to make it hard for thieves to steal. Lockdown items such as front lawn decorations or place them on the roof of your home.

In regards to the department’s podcast, Rivera says, “Our biggest partner, is our community. We look for a way to be able to connect with our community. Number one is we ask them to take personals we ask them to take a personal interest in their security and safety. Number two is to help us be able to bring people to justice and solve crimes.”

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