HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A local actress shared a preview of her new short film “In Tow,” and some updates on her career.

Katy Atkinson stars in the short film, which has received state-wide recognition.

Atkinson said the film is about a mother and daughter facing tension, all while being towed in a mobile home. Atkinson takes the screen alongside Sandy Avila, another Valley-native.

“This is my home,” Atkinson said. “I cannot be more thrilled … My really close family and friends are able to see it, and it’s bilingual.”

Atkinson shared that she will be opening an acting studio in the Valley in 2024, which will be called “Sandbox Acting Studio.” She encourages those interested to follow and reach out to her on Instagram at @KatyAtkinson924

For more information on the short film, visit the South Texas International Film Festival website.