BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — After a woman took her vehicle in for maintenance and uncovered a tracking device, she went to police in June.

Following an investigation, police have now charged Maribel Ramirez-Cortez, 47, with unlawful install of a tracking device after she surrendered Oct. 7. Police had a warrant of arrest for Ramirez-Cortez.

According to police, Ramirez-Cortez is suspected of placing the tracking device on the victim’s vehicle because “Ramirez-Cortez and the victim have the same boyfriend and have been arguing for some time,” police said.

On June 24, police say the victim was getting her tires checked when a maintenance worker pointed out the tracking device, a round object with a green light inside the wheel well.

The woman called police and told investigators she suspected Ramirez-Cortez had installed the device in her vehicle, police said.

According to police, on Sept. 30, the woman told investigators that she and a mutual friend were contacted by Ramirez-Cortez in an attempt to get charges dropped.

“A warrant was obtained for Ramirez-Cortez and the Brownsville Police Department Criminal Investigations Unit made contact with her,” Brownsville police stated. “Ramirez-Cortez turned herself in and was arraigned on October 7, 2022.”

Ramirez-Cortez has a total bond of $5,000.