CAMERON COUNTY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Many people are taking advantage of holiday deals right now but experts are warning about “porch pirates” preying on your purchases.

“These individuals are opportunists. They prey on people’s property especially when they’re not at home,” Rancho Viejo Police Department Sgt. Arturo Huerta said.

Huerta explained that there are steps people can take to secure their packages.

“I’d recommend security cameras, a real good one is the Ring camera. It’s helped us in our investigations in these types of matters,” Huerta said.

Huerta stated getting the assistance of a trusted neighbor to look out and pick up your deliveries can help.

Huerta also recommends tracking packages and designating a secured area for drivers to drop off items.

“Any suspicious activity, any suspicious vehicle, person, walking around, driving around, that you’re not aware of, report it to the police department immediately,” Huerta told ValleyCentral.

There are also ways to protect items consumers plan on shipping.

“Add insurance to the package that you are actually sending and as well as the insurance,” manager of The Print Ship Store, Tony Martinez said. “Go ahead and add a signature required for the packages that are being delivered.”

Martinez explained that insuring your packages covers theft, loss, and damage to your items.

Martinez added there is also the option to rent a mailbox at stores like theirs where your items can be delivered.

“We receive it, we sign for it so there’s proof that the package gets delivered and we hold your package until you have time to come and pick it up,” Martinez stated.

When it comes to “porch pirates,” Huerta said: “You will be caught.”