Suffering from sinusitis? Balloon Sinuplasty might be for you

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Get relief for your sinus headaches with Balloon Sinuplasty.

According to the Wright Sinus Choice, “Sinusitis is inflammation or swelling of the sinus lining. Blocked sinuses cause painful symptoms or recurrent sinus infections.” Some of these symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Stuffy nose
  • Facial pain
  • Tooth pain
  • Dental pain
  • Snoring
  • A cough that produces mucus
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Reduced or complete loss of smell and taste

Most patients who suffer from sinusitis can find some relief from over-the-counter medications, antihistamines, and nasal sprays. Unfortunately, these only provide temporary relief. Dr. Turner Wright, M.D., F.A.C.S. says that clinical studies show about 60 percent of sinus sufferers do not get relief.

Why try Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon Sinuplasty is a breakthrough procedure that accurately traces and treats your sinus issue. It’s safe, effective, and can be done in a doctor’s office. There’s no cutting or removal of bone and tissue. Mild sedation is required, but and you don’t have to worry about taking heavy pain medication.

Dr. Wright is the first surgeon to introduce image guided Balloon Sinuplasty in the Valley without general anesthesia.

What is the process?

Patients can expect to spend about an hour in the doctor’s office. Dr. Wright’s office. Dr. Wright will insert a guide catheter with endoscopic visualization. When he finds the target area, he will then insert a small flexible balloon catheter to open blocked sinus passages and drain mucus buildup. The mucus is then flushed out with saline and the balloon is deflated and removed, allowing the patient to breathe and relieving painful pressure.

Some patients may experience minor bruising, a slight headache, or muscle twitching. About a week after, you may notice some swelling, congestion, and bloody discharge or drainage, but there is no need to worry. This is completely normal and can be relieved by sleeping with your head elevated.

Let Dr. Wright help you breathe better.

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic sinusitis and can’t find any relief, contact Dr. Turner Wright at Wright Sinus Choice by calling 956-998-6673 or visiting

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