HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — For many kids, recess was their time to be active. Now that is no longer available due to virtual instruction.

Knapp Medical Center Dietitian Crissy Guidry said it is important for parents to help their kids stay active throughout the pandemic.

“They have so much screen time and they are just sitting down in front of the screen all day not getting any activity, so in between their classes we recommend to get up and move,” she said.

Guidry says children should be getting sixty minutes of activity every single day. 

However, she understands it can be challenging for some families due to busy schedules.

For those having issues completing the time recommended, Guidry suggested breaking those sixty minutes down throughout the day.

In addition to exercise, Guidry said certain types of snacks can benefit children in the long run.

She added highly processed diets found on chips and junk food are not so healthy for kids to consume. However, she does not encourage parents to fully take them away.

“Focus more on making sure that they get the vitamins and minerals that they need that they usually get at schools,” she said.

According to Guidry, families need to have a variety of snacks available at home because diabetes is always a concern in the Valley. 

Guidry said an easy way for parents to help their child take in all the vitamins is by color matching fruits and vegetables with the colors of the rainbow.