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Local 23 News Morning Anchor, Brenda Matute, will feature some of the RGV's favorite places to eat with an incredible back story. KVEO wants to share those stories with the community.

WESLACO, Texas (KVEO) — No two taquerias in the Rio Grande Valley are the same, and in between the orders, there is one that stands out to many in the Weslaco area.

So what makes Nana’s Taqueria so special? 

“Our house special would be the lonches,” said Roxy Treviño. “That’s what made us famous. We were the first to bring them to this side of the border.”

Treviño believes it is all in the seasoning.

“The bolillos that are lightly fried on the outside, and we use freshly baked bread every single day,” said Trevino. “Inside they’re filled with ground beef, topped with thinly cut cabbage, cilantro, tomato, avocado and queso fresco.”

Nana’s Taqueria is also jumping on the Birria taco trend.

“But we put our spin on it,” said Trevino. “It’s shredded beef and it’s slowly cooked for two to three hours. Then the consommé that is taken out of the meat is used as the dipping sauce.”

Nana’s Taqueria started seeing success back in 2010.

“We were very fortunate since day one people really like the seasoning of our food,” said Teviño. “[customers] always really like the feel of the place, that it felt like home, and they felt like they were in that corner of Mexico where their family is from.”

Treviño relates to that background.

“My mom is from Progresso and my dad is from Victoria, Tamaulipas… My parents were trying to figure out how they could make it, having to move their business from Mexico to the U.S. and trying to figure out how they could make ends meet.”

Treviño’s family decided to turn their home into their business.

“This is actually the property where we lived, it used to be a house… The space that we’re in right now is actually the original restaurant and it was nothing like this it was just a little shack.”

Nana’s Taqueria started with only eight tables and was strictly family-run.

“The idea was to create a communal space where people could come and celebrate and just be proud of their culture, said Trevino. 

Right now, Treviño’s parents have stepped away from the restaurant, while her mother’s health improves.

Customers and the staff all continue to support their family business, something they’re grateful for.

Nana’s Taqueria is located on 1802 S International Blvd, in Weslaco.

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