HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A nonprofit established in 1986, the Literacy Center of Harlingen is dedicated to helping residents of Harlingen and the surrounding areas.

Executive Director Marina Preston says the literacy center goes out into the community and spreads awareness of all of the resources they have for free.

“Well, we have an ESL English as a Second Language course, that is for people who come from other countries who need to learn English for work or other purposes. GED is one of our bigger programs, we have a lot of high school equivalency issues. We have citizenship classes, so after five years of being a legal resident, you are able to take a citizenship test to become a citizen. After two years married to a citizen, you can also take that same exam, and we have a tutor that trains to prepare for that exam. We have what they call ASVAB test track printing, for those considering going into the military, we have basic literacy for native English speakers. And we recently started a book club,” added Preston.

For more information on the Literacy Center of Harlingen call 956-428-8883.

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