‘It’s the biggest shopping day of the year’ Black Friday safety tips


BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Black Friday sales are happening soon across the nation, retailers and experts say it is important to be safe while out shopping on that day.

“Let’s be realistic, it is the biggest shopping day of the year,” said Sunrise Mall – CBL Properties senior marketing director, Susie Torres.

She said lines and wait times are expected and she recommends people wear comfortable clothing while out shopping.

“Don’t forget to take your snack breaks, we do become a little bit irritable when we don’t have our coffee or our snacks,” said Torres.

She explained that stores make adjustments to manage the crowds in stores on Black Friday.

“You will notice a few things, sometimes the stanchions, labeling the floor of where people should stand, we do ask everybody to be respectful of the lines and be patient,” said Torres.

Security is important and Torres said the mall and stores are prepared for more shoppers.

“We do work with our local organizations. We also have our onsite security and our stores have security as well sometimes for these special events and it’s just to ease the shoppers. It’s just to ease the flow of traffic and to make the experience more enjoyable,” she said.

The Brownsville Police Department’s public information officer, Martin Sandoval said there are safety measures everyone should take when out shopping at Black Friday events.

“Please allow the employees to open the stores, listen to their instructions and their directions,” said Officer Sandoval.

He explained that the instructions and directions are for the safety of customers and employees.

“When you’re actually in the stores and there’s a massive crowd and people are all over one specific item, you have to really think, is your safety worth that,” he said.

Officer Sandoval recommended making trips to drop off purchases in between store visits to prevent any burglaries of your items in your car.

“If you have any items there that are of value, take them with you. If you cannot take them with you because you’re going to be shopping and you’re going to grab a lot of items, then hide them. Put them in the trunk or hide them somewhere where they cannot be visibly seen,” he said.

Safety measures should also be taken outside of stores and in parking lots, according to Officer Sandoval.

“Try to make sure that you don’t have both hands occupied, always have a free hand so just in case something happens,” he said.

Officer Sandoval said the police department will have additional patrol at retail locations on Black Friday to ensure everyone’s safety.

“Enjoy it, it’s something that’s supposed to be fun, it’s just shopping, it’s supposed to be fun,” said Susie Torres.

For more information on Sunrise Mall and for a Black Friday Survival Guide you can visit their website.

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