SAN BENITO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The city of San Benito is gearing up for a family-friendly event at the end of March and the Rio Grande Valley is invited.

The San Benito Hog Waddle will celebrate with live music, delicious food, and other special surprises and according to the city, it celebrates a unique moment in its history.

“In the early 1900s, a local farmer marched a bunch of his pigs down Sam Houston Boulevard and there was a celebratory shot that was fired,” said Nikki Serrano, Special Projects Coordinator for the City of San Benito. “When the pigs heard that, they all scattered throughout the town and reportedly it took a few days to gather up all of those hogs. So this event basically just pays tribute to that moment in San Benito’s history.”

For fans of Tejano music, the band Siggno is scheduled to perform on the big stage as well as Jay Perez and others. In addition, there will be lots of activities for the kids.

“This event allows us to promote San Benito’s musical heritage, and history, in a really fun way. Just a lot of awesome music and fun, in a fun afternoon,” said Serrano. “We will have plenty of food vendors, arts and craft vendors, and of course really great music, and a few other surprises so stay tuned, or come on out!”

Event officials said there will also be a carnival scheduled for March 23 through 26.

Tickets are priced at $5 and the event is set for Saturday, March 25, at the San Benito Livestock Show Grounds located at 251 Cesar Gonzales. Gates open at 4 p.m.

Visit StaySanBenito for more information.