Hidalgo restaurant offering ‘antique’ experience to reopen


HIDALGO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — After being closed for nearly two years, Paula’s Tea House & Deli is ready to reopen its doors.

Founded in 2016 by Orfelinda Garcia, the restaurant creates a unique dining experience located in the city of Hidalgo. Surrounded by antique items collected and donated to Garcia, the business is a dream that was inspired by her wedding day. Using antiques as a theme she took that idea to create the unique restaurant.

According to Garcia, she wanted to recreate the experience of walking into your grandparent’s home and being amazed by the antiques.

Garcia and her brother Jorge Gonzalez put the work to make the dream become a reality. The restaurant operates in a home built in the late 1890s. Garcia says it was her first and only choice to open her restaurant.

The restaurant is named after her daughter and mother and is the second oldest business located in Hidalgo’s business park known as The District.

The business had to close during the pandemic, so Garcia switched over to catering to continue serving the community and making ends meet.

Garcia said she also closed down because she wanted to keep her family safe, most importantly her mother who was deemed high risk. Unfortunately, her mother died from COVID-19 in January.

Opening the restaurant is a way of honoring the memory of their mother, Gonzalez adds.

“Even now it’s very hard to reopen and start redecorating again and bringing a menu up again because everything was influenced by her,” said Gonzalez.

Serving food inspired by their mother, the siblings are counting the days of the reopening. It had already been delayed once due to renovations the city had to do for the building.

Facing major setbacks caused Garcia to rethink the reopening and question the decision.

However, seeing the support of the community and her family encouraged Garcia to go through with reopening. She plans to have the dining experience return in the coming weeks.

“We want to come back for them so they can have this experience back again in their lives and keep on enjoying our meals and enjoying this time,” said Garcia.

The restaurant is set to reopen the first weekend of December.

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