EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCental) — It can be a struggle for new mothers to pay for necessary medical attention needed after giving birth.

However, a new Texas law is now making it easier for expecting mothers to get extended Medicaid coverage.

“House Bill 12 it’s a positive for women in Texas, especially women in South Texas,” Gynecologist with DHR Health and Women’s Hospital Dr. Efraim Vela said.

Valley medical experts say there are health complications that can lead to a challenging pregnancy.

“What comorbidity means is another disease such as diabetes or hypertension or even depression that can complicate a postpartum period,” Vela said.

Texas lawmakers say HB12 can make a difference during the postpartum stage.

The previous law only allowed new mothers to receive health care services for about two months.

Now, HB12 extends that coverage to 12 months.

“My goal is to get this bill over the goal line,” Senator Lois Kolkhorst said. “I think that this is a compromise that is best. A healthy pregnancy doesn’t begin when you see the doctor the first time a healthy pregnancy begins before conception months and sometimes years.”

Vela says this bill helps women of color, low-income, and those who need medical assistance.

“This diabetes and hypertension doesn’t go away in six weeks depression sometimes starts in sixweeks and women have to have that ability with which to get care and pay for medication,” Vela said.