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Weslaco, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The RGV is full of activity and restaurants run by the local community. Faces of the RGV will be put the spotlight on the community and their stories.

This week ValleyCentral takes you on a stroll at the home of the wildcats and the panthers. Known as the city on the grow, the city of Weslaco was founded in 1919 and is home to 40,464 residents, according to the US census bureau. Historians will recognize the city for the achievements of World War II soldier Harlon Block and football player Bobby Lackey. Located in the Rio Grande Valley between Donna and Mercedes, Weslaco is a city full of rich history built by the community. Expanding generations, numerous businesses have continued to see success and some more recently have built their own legacy. In a blend of modern and classic, the city continues to honor its past while looking forward to the future and continuing to be a ‘city on the grow’.

Downtown Weslaco

Taking a trip through downtown Weslaco offers an opportunity to explore the old and new. Along Texas Blvd lays the foundation of Weslaco. Full of historic places, local shops and restaurants. The more recent addition is The Eatery, an area full of food trucks located right next to the old fire station. Created in 2020, the location offers a variety of food choices in a family-friendly environment. At night, the place comes to life with music and people from across the RGV. Down the street is the Mayor Joe V. Sanchez Public Library another popular attraction to downtown, stocked with books and movies available to the public. Those looking for a night out or escaping the heat will surely enjoy all that downtown Weslaco has to offer.

Freshly made- Salazar’s burgers y mas

Love and care are what drives residents to keep returning to Salazar’s Burgers y mas, according to manager Paloma Salazar. Fifty years spanning four generations, her family has been running the local restaurant to this day. Beginning as a small idea started by Paloma’s grandparents, Salazar’s Burgers has grown to become a staple in the Weslaco community. Keeping to its 1950’s roots, guests are transported back in time to enjoy freshly made “old-fashioned” burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, onion rings and more. Inside posters featuring famous artists like Elvis Presley, and music that defined the era surround customers. Keeping to tradition allows for guests to truly believe they’re in the ’50s but it’s something more. “It’s not just our food but also our atmosphere, we treat everybody as they would like to be treated,” said Salazar.

A little piece of Mexico- Nana’s Taqueria

Beginning very small 12 years ago, Nana’s Taqueria has grown to become one of the most popular places in Weslaco. The name Nana comes from owner Roxanna Trevino’s daughter who could not pronounce her name as a child. Born from this came Nana’s Taqueria, a restaurant that specializes in authentic Mexican food. Lonches, tacos, quesadillas, burritos are just some of the meals that residents can order. According to Trevino, it is more than the food, it’s the colors and celebration of Mexican culture that drive guests to the restaurant. “We just love spreading our culture, our colors, our happiness,” said Trevino. Covered in Mexican-style furniture and decorations it feels like you have been transported to Mexico. A recent addition to the business is a gift shop where you can take a tiny piece of Mexican culture with you. Every Thursday and Friday night guests are treated to mariachi night outside the restaurant under the colorful lights. Whenever you want to feel close to Mexico or its culture take a stop at Nana’s Taqueria.

Not your typical snow cone stand- Margo’s

Thirty-five years of snow cone making has left Margo’s as one of the top raspa places to try in Weslaco. Started by owner Eduardo “Eddie” Margo’s parents when he was five years old, Eddie with his brother has expanded Margo’s from its humble beginnings. With a menu offering a lot of creations to even more crazy ideas, Margo’s has plenty to try. A mom-and-pop shop, Margo’s is not like other snow cone stands according to Eddie Margo. This is a result of the various renovations including a drive-thru and having workers who were customers themselves. Nostalgia is what drives Margo’s willingness to continue and why it’s seen so much attention. Over the three decades, the only thing that’s changed is how much the business has grown with the taste staying the same. “We’ve stayed with the same recipe,” said Margo.

230 acre park – Estero Llano Grande State Park

A couple of miles away from the city is a park full of wildlife and wonder. Created in 2006 the Estero Llano State Park offers residents to see nature firsthand in their backyard. You don’t have to go very far to see some amazing birds, plants, animals and more in this 230-acre park. Composed of wetlands, thorn scrub, and tropical habitats, you are able to see bird species like the famous night bird Common Pauraque along with endangered and colorful coastal species. With a five-dollar admission fee, you are able to explore the wonders of nature and feel an appreciation of the local wildlife. Managed by Park Superintendent Javier De Leon and Lead interpreter Raul Garza, the staff is able to share knowledge of the various wildlife you will see. “What attracts people here is the availability to trails and it’s not that far away from their homes,” said Garza. Night excursions and various activities are just a few of the things that the park offers for residents.

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