Double trouble for Edinburg woman who found a surprise in her mint plant


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — An Edinburg woman did not know why she kept seeing a bird in one of her planters until the bird took flight and she got to take a peek.

An egg laid in a mint plant. Courtesy: Mary Saenz

Edinburg resident, Mary Saenz, enjoys taking care of plants, and now she’s also looking out for a bird.

Saenz noticed that when she would go outside, there would be a bird sitting in her hanging planter

“Sooooo, for a few days every time I walk out the back door I noticed that a dove would fly out of my hanging planter. So today I was curious and I looked into the hanging planter and look what I found,” wrote Saenz on a Facebook post.

Saenz added a few photos of the post and revealed that a morning dove laid an egg amongst the mint plant.

She believes that plant that is hung on a clothesline keeps the nest safe from cats and squirrels, and it might have been the reason the bird choose the location.

And then… there were two.

Saenz discovered another egg in the mint plant.

“It’s twins!” said Saenz.

She added she is looking for maybe a third one appearing.

“I need to research how many more eggs are expected. Hated to scare her away, but I had to water my plant. It was looking sad already.”

Saenz will continue to look for ways to keep her plant alive, without disturbing the nest.

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