LOS FRESNOS, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The city of Weslaco is transitioning its garbage pickup services from a private company to in-house.

The city’s public works department is scheduled to start solid waste management on Jan. 1, 2022, according to the city of Weslaco’s deputy public works director, David Arce.

“18 to 24 months ago the city of Weslaco city commission approved bringing back solid waste management into the city of Weslaco. Currently, we have Republic Services,” said Arce.

He said the change includes hiring new employees and equipment for the new operation.

“The city purchased about six months ago, some bins, 11 trucks a container hauler, we have about 12,000 residential bins and about 900 commercial bins,” he said.

Arce said the changes will not impact a customer’s bill and fees will remain the same and taxes will not be impacted.

“Our contractor does everything for a profit so that savings that they would have had will obviously come back to the city,” said Arce.

He said with the savings they are able to invest in equipment and hire the staff needed for the operation.

Arce explained that after the return on investment the city should be receiving about $600 thousand to $900 thousand from the services.

For details on garbage collection days and services, you can visit the City of Weslaco’s website.