MISSION, Texas (KVEO) — Illegal dumping has been increasing in the city of Mission after Hurricane Hanna forced many to gut out their homes.

“Especially since the hurricane, a lot of people are dumping their wet items, their furniture into these areas and it’s creating a problem for us,” said Irasema Vimas, Code Enforcement Supervisor for the city of Mission.

However, city crews aren’t letting illegal dumpers get away.

Code enforcement crews are trying new tactics to catch violators by scanning the dumped trash for information.

“First we go out there, and if we can find something on the top that is visible, we get the information, if not, once they start disposing of everything inside, papers are falling out and we go out and check the papers to see if we can come up with an address to get these violators,” said Vimas.

The plan is working.

Crews recently found receipts and packages with addresses sending them straight to the dumpers’ house.

“They say ‘oh I didn’t know’ but I mean who goes and dumps trash in other people’s property?” said Vimas. “It’s creating a lot of health and sanitation issues, ferments, mosquitoes for sure we’re trying to attack all that and clean as much as possible.

To keep it clean, the city has set up a landfill for Mission residents to go and dump out debris, furniture, brush, large trees, yard waste and more at no cost.

“We try and educate them, this is the reason we have a landfill, and all these resources and dumping on other people’s property is not the right thing to do,” said Vimas.

The landfill is located behind the waste water plant at 901 S. Conway.

If you are caught dumping illegally, it is a Class C Misdemeanor and you can face a $2,000 fine.

To report illegal dumping in the City of Mission you can call (956) 580-8697.