4Ever Family: seven siblings hoping to be adopted

4ever Family
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Seven siblings hoping to be adopted together. 

Meet this sibling group of seven, three boys and four girls who are seeking to become part of their Forever Family. 

Damian who is 17, is an adorable, happy teen. Damian’s face lights up and his eyes open wide when he listens to Spanish music. Damian’s eyes also light up when he is among his siblings and those that care for him. Damian enjoys being around his siblings and enjoys the attention they give him. Damien likes to celebrate all the holidays and spending time with others. He also enjoys spending time outdoors when the weather is nice. Damien will need a forever family who can assist him with his daily needs.

Mya, who is 11-years-old, is a sweet and quiet child, but opens up and becomes talkative once she becomes comfortable after meeting someone new. Mya enjoys playing on her tablet, enjoys watching television and really likes being outdoors with her siblings. Some of her other interests include long drives to the beach, window shopping, and visiting local flea markets. Mya is interested in swimming, dancing, and kickboxing. Mya likes to color, complete art projects, read, spend time at the park, and participate in outings. She has a fun time celebrating holidays and being active in the church.

Alinah, is a happy & spunky 10-year-old child who is social with everyone she meets. She has an outgoing personality and her own personal style to go with it. She has a caring side and has a big heart for those who care for her. Alinah enjoys dancing, coloring, reading, and dressing up. Alinah also likes kickboxing, swimming and dancing her socks off! She hopes to one day be a cheerleader. Alinah’s favorite foods are pizza and tacos. She also enjoys attending church every week.

Jenissa who is 9-years-old, is a reserved child who likes playing outside with her siblings and attending church. She also enjoys singing, dancing, and loves playing at the park with her siblings. Some of her other interests include coloring, reading, art, and singing. Jenissa takes care of her room and is respectful of others. Like her siblings, Jennisa’s favorite food is pizza.

Seven-year-old Andrea , is easy-going, talkative, and a happy child. Andrea has a bold and daring personality. She loves playing with her Barbie dolls and with her sisters. Some of Andrea’s favorite past times include singing and dancing. Andrea enjoys a range of activities from dressing up to running, playing outside, and dancing with her sisters. Andrea hopes to own her own pet one day.

Martin, who is six, has fun and outward personality. He can often be found playing with his brother and usually has a big smile on his face. He is a playful, little boy and shows affection to all of his siblings. Martin likes to flip through books, color, and play with all types of toys. He enjoys playing outdoors, riding his bike, watching television, dancing, and laughing at funny movies. Martin has also expressed interest in learning on his tablet as well as an interest and curiosity in playing computer games.

Four-year-old Matthew is the youngest and can be described as sweet and shy at first, but warms up within a couple of minutes of meeting someone. He is an energetic and dynamic child who likes to run and have fun. Matthew enjoys interacting with his siblings, playing with his toy cars, being outdoors, and flipping through books. Some of Matthew’s other interests and hobbies include caring for animals, coloring, working with arts & crafts, riding his bike, and playing video and computer games. Matthew really enjoys taking part in family activities.

If you think you could be a forever family for this sibling group or another Texas child, please attend one of the monthly adoption information meetings held in the Rio Grande Valley contact the department at 1-800-233-3405, For more information about adoption visit www.adoptchildren.org

Hidalgo County / Edinburg

Monday, March 3rd, 11:00 AM

DFPS Office

300 E. Canton

Edinburg, TX 78539

Cameron County / Harlingen

Monday, March 3rd, 6:00 PM

DFPS Office

801 N. 13th

Suite 23

Harlingen, TX 78550

The presenting Adoption Caseworker:

Wendy Maldonado

CPS Adoption Specialist



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