Throughout the year, many people donate money to charities, but one local group of women are pulling together to donate thousands of dollars to non-profits in the Rio Grande Valley.

‘100 Women Who Give A Damn’ is a group of women that come together four times out of the year to raise $10,000 for 501c3 organizations that have been up and running for at least one year. It’s a group countless women are apart of across the nation. In 2017, Carly Thomas started the group in Harlingen. 

“We’ve gotten to our goal every single time,” said Thomas. “When I came up with this idea, I knew I couldn’t pull this off by myself.”

With $100 in pocket, the group meets every three months at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church & Day School. The women draw from a hat filled with names of dozens of non-profits nominated by women in the group. Three charities chosen at random will then stand front and center explaining why they need the donation.

“The story they tell and the way they describe what their charity does is huge,” said Christina Palomo, committee member of ‘100 Women Who Give A Damn.’ 

The most recent recipient was YoungLife, a non-profit group that has mentor programs for teen parents and young adults. The leader of the group, Joe Wilson, says receiving the $10,000 donation helps them focus on their mission instead of fundraisers.

“When the 100 women that give a damn come around you and put that on for you, now your energy can be on forming relationships with kids, and caring for these teen moms and their babies,” Wilson said. 

At a price of $400 a year, the women say they watch lives change and that the work goes beyond a donation. 

“Knowing that we’re going to be around town and see where those donations have made an impact has been the most rewarding part of it,” said Krista Bañuelos, committee member of ‘100 Women Who Give A Damn.’

Palomo adds, “I think it’s huge that we create this awareness and everyone learns what these non-profits do. What they do in our community and how we can help them.”

For more information on ‘100 Women Who Give A Damn’, click here. 

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