In the small town of Sullivan City, there’s a school bus driver with a big heart. 

Miguel Oyervides is a school bus driver for Sam Fordyce Elementary in La Joya ISD. Every morning as he arrives to school, he uses that extra 5-10 minutes with the students to read to them. One of those students even being his own daughter. 

“I’m here to serve,” said Oyervides. “It’s important for students to read. In the morning, it’s easier for the students to grasp things into their long-term memory.”

Nominated as a CBS 4 Hometown Hero by La Joya ISD, even his supervisors take notice.

“We’re very proud of him for what he’s doing. Taking it upon himself to do this for our students,” said Raul Gonzalez, Transportation Director for La Joya ISD. 

Roxanna Pena, the principal for Sam Fordyce Elementary added, “we just want to thank him and show our appreciation for sharing his love of reading with our students.”

Oyervides says it takes pride in reading to the students everyday because he remembers the times his teachers read to him.

“The power of reading is so amazing,” said Oyervides. “If you can read, you can change the world.”

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