He may be the boss, but no matter who you are, he treats you like family. 

Nominated by his employees, this week’s ‘CBS 4 Hometown Heroes’ features the owner of La Palma Adult Day Care in Edinburg, Eli Rodriguez.

A service man in more ways than one, Rodriguez is a member of the Army National Guard. He has served our country for more than 20 years, even touring in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Now, he’s the owner of several business in the Rio Grande Valley, including three adult day cares.

“I come from a very poor background,” Rodriguez said. “When I was a kid, I asked the Lord, ‘Hey. Bless me, so I can bless others.’ He has blessed me tremendously.” 

One of those people he has been able to help is his employee of 8 years, Janie Garza.

Garza told us he helped her with a home, a car and most recently, paid her during her 8 weeks away from work due to chemotherapy.

“Right now I just told him, ‘You know what boss, they told me after my chemo, I can’t work.’ He’s like, ‘Don’t worry about it. You get better.’ I mean what boss does that for you,” Garza said. 

Garza isn’t the only one, we heard countless stories about Rodriguez’s involvement in the community and helping others.

“You wake every morning and you ask yourself, ‘Have you done something for someone else today? What have you done for someone else?’ I believe in that. I’m a believer in that,” Rodriguez stated.

During our time with him, he read letters from employees thanking him for his help. One letter from his employee, Alma Zavala, mentioned his promise to her parents that he would always take care of her.  

Zavala told us that Rodriguez, “Always kept his promise,” adding that, “he’s a man of his word and all the extent. You can’t find any better person than that.”

He’s the kind of person that his employees love to be around.

“I have a home. I have a car. I’m very blessed to have as great boss,” said Garza. “I do believe that he is our hometown hero.”

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