BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The City of Brownsville is experiencing an economic boom and there are many businesses in the area looking forward to opening their doors and impacting the community.

“We feel very comfortable in this City, we really appreciate living here. It’s very welcoming, it has a variety of things to do we really love our City,” business owner Diana Medina said.

Medina and her husband Hector just opened their new business called Morning Glory located at 1049 E. Washington Street.

Medina says they hope to expand but currently are focused on their newest project.

“I think our plan would be maybe to grow what we have, potentially another business. As of now, we are concentrating on establishing this business,” Medina said.

“Our main goal at the end of all of this is to create an open and inclusive ecosystem of entrepreneurship. That ecosystem will be cyclical so we are creating more opportunities that are going to create more jobs. People will have more of an opportunity to stay here or even start their business here,” said Nathan Burkhart, Director of Business Development of the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation.

Leaders with BCIC say with things moving outside the COVID pandemic and with supply delays making great improvements new businesses have a great chance to stay afloat.

“But now there’s also a lot more assistance that wasn’t there previously. With the creation of our start-up incubator and entrepreneurial resource center like eBridge and partnerships like UTRGV and the program and resources that we provide there’s the perfect business climate to create a business in Brownsville,” Burkhart said.

City officials say a key aspect of why they’re seeing more entrepreneurial strides is because of many partnerships that have developed in connection with bigger cities such as San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.

“So Brownsville can now provide the exact same resources more affluent communities can provide so we’re keeping our top talent here and giving them the opportunities to create jobs, create their businesses here,” Burkhart said.

“We’re divided into 4 districts, and we want to see wealth and development in all our districts so that our kids have parks, have trails, good schools the ability to go to a job close and great transportation,” Brownsville City Manager Helen Ramirez said.

She said seeing different buildings evolve into local businesses is impactful.

“What I love is that we are being successful in very different areas from airlines to the airport to manufacturing to retail to entertainment centers to downtown revitalization and manufacturing,” Ramirez said.

Business owners say it can be tough to manage but encourage others not to quit because your business can leave an impact on the community.

“It is very fulfilling to see your dreams come true so don’t give up it’s a good challenge to take,” Medina said.

The City of Brownsville will have a special ceremony with Rich Products Corporation in a special investment announcement on March 29 at the Brownsville City Chambers at 11 a.m.