HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The results are in for Best of the RGV: Taco Edition.

We asked you to find and vote for the best tacos in the Rio Grande Valley and you delivered.

And in the #1 spot is…

Calacas Tacos & Beer!

Owner Oscar says it is the quality of food offered at his restaurants.

“Everything is done on the spot,” said Balli. “When we grill the fajitas, we grill them every day on the spot. It might take a little longer, but it adds that touch of freshness.”

Balli’s favorite tacos are the ‘cochinita pibil’.

“It’s a very traditional Mexican dish with pork,” said Balli. “It is roasted for 10 hours so it is slow-cooked.”

But his bestseller are tacos de bistec.

“They are made ‘Valley style’ which means they have cheese and avocado.”

 That the style of tacos actually originated in Matamoros, Mexico.

“I remember when it first started in Matamoros,” said Balli. “It was fairly new, and people weren’t accepting it at first and after a while, it just took over. Now everybody does it in the Valley” 

And, their special sauce is made fresh with jalapeños and serrano peppers.

Calacas also offers fresh beverages.

“Our strawberry limeade is made of fresh limes and it’s not artificially flavored. It’s all-natural fruits.”

Flavors include mango limeade, cucumber limeade, and tamarindo limeade.

When discussing their recent success, Balli says they have been blessed to open locations in Brownsville, San Benito, and Harlingen so far.

Balli says he is working to open more locations in Pharr and South Padre Island.