AAA urges drivers to remove face masks from rearview mirror


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — As facemasks become an important part of our daily lives, many are keeping an extra in their vehicle.

AAA is now reminding drivers that facemasks hanging on the rearview mirror can be dangerous.

Masks are now a requirement to get into most public buildings. Instead of forgetting to grab a mask, some people leave it in their car, replacing those fuzzy dice with a mask.

Olga Handy is a mother that keeps her mask handy while out with her children.

“I have several masks in my car and in my purse,” she said.

AAA wants to remind drivers hanging a mask and other objects on the rearview mirror can be dangerous. Daniel Armbruster is the spokesperson for AAA Texas and said masks can be a safety hazard.

“When it comes to your field of vision it’s incredibly important that it is not obstructed by anything especially hanging from your rearview mirror, that include face masks,” he said. “In fact, in Texas last year there were more than 3,400 crashes. Not necessarily related to masks that were hanging from rearview mirrors because we didn’t have COVID in 2019. We certainly saw where [the] field of vision obstruction created a risk for crash leading to 51 deaths in 2019.”

Armbruster advises people should look at other places to store a mask. Handy says she stores her masks in a convenient place.

“Whenever I need to get a mask. If I go through a drive-through or get off somewhere, I just grab it from my center console and it’s right there easy to grab,” she said.

AAA is urging everyone to stay safe while behind the wheel.

For other tips to improve vision while driving on the road, click here.

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