BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — From 90s thin pencil brows to the infamous 2010 Anastasia dip gel brows, eyebrow looks have varied throughout the years. In 2023, henna-tinted eyebrows are trending.

(Photo by: Rolando Avila/ValleyCentral)

Kassandra Candanoza, a local brow expert and owner of The Brow Bar, located at the Greenway Plaza at 3380 Ruben M. Torres, Suite #205, said in the summer, clients typically get henna brows to make their makeup routine easier.

Henna brow tint is an all-natural, semi-permanent dye applied to the brows. It typically lasts two weeks on the skin and six weeks on brow hair.

Henna brows are commonly used to give a bolder look. However, some clients use the service to help make their eyebrows look neater.

Candanoza said some clients who participated in the thin brow trend are now getting henna brows to create a fuller look.

For first-time clients, Candanoza reminds them that the brow tint will look natural on day two and to continue with the aftercare for longer-lasting results.

Makeup trends have changed throughout the years and in the Latino culture, one of the most important elements of makeup is eyebrows.

“I just really love the transformation of an eyebrow, usually when you talk to someone the first thing you see is their eyebrow,” Candanoza said. “It made me feel like changing a person’s eyebrow can really change their whole face structure.”

Video and photos were taken by: Rolando Avila