MERCEDES, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A daughter learned to crochet from her mother’s talent. Turning a once necessity into a passion when launching her small business.

Annette Tanguma, 18, is the owner of Yanicrochet, a small business focused on custom crochet creations.

Tanguma is a High School Senior at Mercedes Early College Academy who crochets in her spare time.

Like many in the pandemic, Tanguma picked up a variety of hobbies, hoping one would stick.

Taguma learned that her mother would crochet clothing for her and her siblings when they were children, as her mother worked to provide.

My mom taught to me crochet. The only reason she knew how was because since I had four siblings growing up there wasn’t much money to buy clothes. So she had to make her own clothes… and I still have alot of the clothes she would make me when I was a baby. That allowed her to teach me.

Annette Tanguma, aka Annie

Finding the skill of crocheting challenging, Tanguma originally wanted to quit and move on to another hobby. However, after some dedication and practice, the high school student found herself blossoming with talent and passion.

I was so upset I wanted to quit on my first day. I couldn’t do the circle for my plushes, but I kept trying and I made a Baymax plush for my mom… Now I make more complicated items. I love it!

Annette Tanguma, aka Annie

Tanguma told ValleyCentral that love has always played a strong role in her business. Tanguma stated that she “really likes making people feel loved,” sharing how she truly enjoys seeing her customers happy with her custom creations.

The soon-to-be high school graduate, also explained how her business has helped with her anxiety, speaking of crocheting as a coping tool.

I struggle with anxiety and I found a lot of comfort from this sort of hobby.

Annette Tanguma, aka Annie

Tanguma will graduate this spring and attend the University of Houston where she will study Psychology.

The business owner has plans to keep her business alive and running while she attends school and hopes for growth.

To explore more on Yanicrochets, individuals can visit the businesses Instagram HERE or Etsy page HERE.