BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Dreaming for over two years, a newlywed couple decided to launch a brand in midst of the pandemic, growing with passion and value.

Lexna, is an athletic apparel and accessories small business owned by a couple, Joanna Ortega Alcala and Alexis Alcala.

Photo Courtesy: Lexna

Lexna is a combination of both Joanna and Alexis’ names. The dream of starting their company that had sat on the back burner for over two years launched in 2021 after receiving its name.

As personal trainers with a passion, both Joanna and Alexis felt the need to create their own brand and name that would be recognized in the fitness community.

The 26-year-old couple explained to ValleyCentral what pushed them to focus on fitness apparel and accessories.

If you look good at the gym, you just get a really good workout. You feel alot better about yourself!

Joanna Ortega Alcala, Co-Owner of Lexna

Alexis further emphasized that although fear will always be present it could not control the drive the duo had.

Speaking gratefully of the community, Alexis told ValleyCentral that the support from them including friends and family has continued to push them to greater things.

It is common for users to be fearful in a given situation that someone is going through, but you must put effort. As long as you are surrounded by good people, you’re always going to be able to succeed.

Alexis Alcala, Co-Owner of Lexna

Photo Courtesy: Lexna

Separating themselves from mainstream fitness brands, the couple spoke of what made Lexna different.

With Lexna, everyone that gives a review or brings any input is “family” and they want to make sure their products are not made just for mainstream distribution.

Maintaining a unique perspective, Lexna plans to stay diverse in its products. Making sure to meet the needs of most but continuing to stay distinctive.

We do try and put a little piece of us [into our products] but also thinking of everyone. What would everyone want? Would they like it? Would they feel comfortable? It’s just something we always want to consider.

Joanna Ortega Alcala, Co-Owner of Lexna

Lexna Co-Owners Alexis and Joanna hope to one day own an official store for members of the community to shop and fall in love with fitness.

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