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MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Scrolling through social media in search of a way to style her dog, Erika LeMaster grew inspired to give back to the community and four-legged friends.

Chloe’s Bandanas is owned by 25-year-old Erika LeMaster. She runs her business with the support of her husband.

In 2019 while between jobs, LeMaster master decided to start creating bandanas after realizing how expensive the dog market was, and Chloe, her 6-year-old German Shepherd Mix, was the inspiration.

Instead of shopping from a corporation, LeMaster decided she could make a go at making bandanas and save herself some money while helping local shelters.

I told myself this something I can show myself how to do. So I went into Youtube, I bought a sewing machine, I bought the fabric, I bought all the materials and taught myself how to make bandanas.

Erika LeMaster, Owner of Chloe’s Bandanas

Originally only making bandanas with the intention of creating some stylish pieces for Chloe, LeMaster started to create new bandanas at the request of her friends and family.

With the effects of the pandemic, LeMaster’s moved the office of her full-time marketing manager for a software company job to her home.

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Half of Lemaster’s desk is her office desk and the second half is a 24/7 sewing and craft station. LeMaster works 8 to 5 at the job that she says brings her bread and butter and then works from 5 to 12, creating bandanas for dogs around the valley.

LeMasters wanted to do more for the community, so she began donating materials, food, and more to local animal shelters from the proceeds of Chloes Bandanas.

The main reason I was excited to start this journey was that I love dogs. I get so much joy from seeing dogs and their families be happy with their bandanas. Besides wanting to make money on the side, I wanted to give back. My husband and I decided the best way to do that was to donate to local shelters with a part of the money from Chloe’s bandanas

Erika LeMaster, Owner of Chloe’s Bandanas

LeMaster spends time at shelters playing with dogs in need of a home.

The business owner does not use only Chloe to feature her bandanas but also highlights dogs in search of their forever home.

It really does make me so sad to see so many dogs in search of a home. So I like to make videos of them… I know I have a good following so maybe someone who comes across my page will be their next family and adopt them.

Erika LeMaster, Owner of Chloe’s Bandanas

With the hope of steady growth in the company, LeMaster hopes to make bandanas for as long as she can.

I love creating bandanas, I like my job but I’m working for somone else. This [Chloe’s Bandanas} is mine, I’m working for me and my passion. It’s so fun to vreat things for me… I hope this is something that I can do fill-time,one day. You never know!

Erika LeMaster, Owner of Chloe’s Bandanas

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