MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Looking for a way to make her daughter’s birthday one to remember, a local mom decided to grab a whisk and get to work! Now the 28-year-old mother of two successfully runs her business from home.

Carolina Cadena is the owner of Camila’s Macaroons, a local bakery specialized in macaroon creations!

Camila’s Macaroons was inspired by Cadena’s daughter, Camila while planning her birthday party in 2017.

“I was on Pinterest getting ready for her (Camillas) birthday party and I saw a macaroon tower picture. I told myself Oh my God I need one of those for my daughters birthday”

Cadena immediately started contacting local bakeries and macaroon vendors to be surprised with a “pricy” estimate.

“I had never even tasted a macaroon before, but I knew I needed them for my daughter’s party”

Not knowing which direction to start, Cadena had many failed attempts when she started learning how to make the art of macaroons.

Courtesy: Carolina Cadena

Working at Barnes and Noble at the time, Cadena purchased multiple books, watched tutorials, contacted experts, and got to work in the kitchen, whisk in hand!

Cadena was not successfully able to complete her daughter’s macaroon birthday tower till her fourth birthday, two years after starting.

Layed off from Barnes and Noble during the pandemic, Cadena was approached by a local bakery, “Sweets by Kacy”, to be featured in the shop.

After having her daughter, Ella, Cadena took a three-month break from custom orders and received most of her baking content while being featured at the local bakery.

Cadena now bakes three days out of the week for the local bakery and receives custom orders on other days.

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