EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Bridal and floral boutiques across the Rio Grande Valley are ringing bells and throwing rice for the upcoming wedding season.

But what should the future Mr. and Mrs. look for when planning their wedding?

(Courtesy: Sandra Montoya, owner of Petals and Blossoms Co.)

Sandra Montoya is the owner of the mobile floral shop, Petals and Blossoms Co. She says floral arrangements are important to the reception because they are what set the mood for the event and are the first thing guests will see as they enter the venue.

“If you want your wedding to feel romantic you’ll go for like pastel colors for roses. If you wanted to be like a boho theme you want to go with maybe your preserved flowers,” Montoya said. “Different flowers have like a different mood … like music, flowers have their own set of mood changing effects.”

However, when talking to a florist and preparing for your reception, Montoya said couples should avoid choosing flowers that will not be in season during their wedding or they can expect to pay much higher prices to have the flowers imported. Montoya says they also may not look as beautiful as they could if they were in season.

“Definitely do research, communicate with your florist so they research with you, and they can research for you.” Montoya added. “[Florists] should have a good grasp of what flowers are in season and what flowers are coming up.”

Montoya said couples should communicate with their florists to specify what type of color and style of flowers they want for their wedding.

Besides the wedding arch, table setting, runway pieces, one of the most important and sentimental piece of the wedding is the bridal bouquet.

Creating the bouquet takes time and planning to achieve the final approval for the bride’s special day.

From creating a flower storyboard, to choosing the main floral and color theme, to the minor details such as the ribbon and greenery, it all comes together to create a bride’s perfect vision.

“Out of all the flowers available in the world, they choose specific flowers that they want to represent them on their special day,” Montoya said.

Unique wedding dress experience

The bridal bouquet is one of the sentimental pieces in a wedding but even more important is the dress.

Bridal dress trends come and go, but a local designer says she creates a unique essence that starts with a sketch.

Bridal gown designer, Diana Cons has been awarded the Best Bridal Shop in Texas 2021 and Couple’s Choice Awards San Antonio 2022. (Courtesy: Diana Cons Atelier, Credit: RGV Photography)

Diana Cons is a bridal designer, owner and founder of Diana Conns Atelier, located at 204 E. Cano St. Suite 4 101 in Edinburg. She says a custom designed wedding dress is like a family heirloom.

“You’re going to have all the memories of when you came, when you had the sketch with your name, when you approved the laces when have the feeling and all of that is going to be a part of your wedding in your love story,” Cons said. “In the entire world, there isn’t going to be another dress like that one.”

From the first appointment, to the sketches, alterations, fittings, she says brides are part of their dress creation from the start.

She says it’s normal for a bride to be excited and overwhelmed searching for the perfect dress, but still keep in mind to check the sales agreements before making your purchase.

“Sometimes [brides] visit for the first time or place they fall in love with a dress, then situations happen, and when they no longer want the dress or if they change their wedding date, there’s going to be bumpy things on the road,” Cons said. “The sales agreement are going to be one of the things you need to pay attention before saying yes and placing the deposit.”

Many brides like to create their own custom dress, but other’s gather up ideas from current and upcoming bridal trends.

Cons says A-line dresses and mermaid gowns are the current trending and they’re often paired with statement pieces like capes, floral crowns, puffy detachable sleeves and wings.

“We’re paying more attention to pictures and incredible videos, so items that [brides] are going to be using extra from the dress are going to be more like statement pieces,” Diana Cons said. “What [brides] want to do for a photoshoot, prior the wedding… all of those elements are going to very on trend for 2024.”

Cons predicts upcoming wedding trends will be mismatched bridesmaids dresses, the popular graze food tables, versatile floral arrangements and plenty the color dusty blue.

She has been in the bridal gown business since 2020, and has had many clients with different stories. When designing a dress, Cons said it is not about the design of the dress that inspires and creates the experience memorable to her, it is the bride and her story.

Bridal Sketch By Diana Cons (Courtesy: Diana Cons Atelier)

“It’s not so much because of the dress, it’s more because of the bride. When the bride comes here with a great story or with a special situation … those are the things that I cherish the most,” Cons said.

During the time it takes designing a dress and creating what the bride envisions how she will look like during her wedding day, it all comes down to trust.

“The most important thing is the trust, so when the brides come in we see we’re on the same channel we talk the same language, the magic just happens,” Cons said.

Montoya and Cons agree when choosing a florists or a wedding dress, customer service should be at it’s best.

“We should be able to help the bride or groom along the way through the entire process,” Montoya said. “It’s like weights been lifted off and transferred on to us.”

With times changing, Cons said brides choose this type of experience as it helps work and connect with the brides.

“This new generation, we care about feeling important and feel like people is taking care of us,” she added.