RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Looking for more in the pandemic, a woman was inspired to launch her family’s business across borders.

Marcela Figueroa ,27, is the owner of Love Treats McAllen, an at-home pet microbakery.

Originally launching in Matamoros as a family business, Figueroa opened her own Love Treats with an added twist.

During the pandemic, Figueroa found herself searching for new passions as she looked for a new job.

Figueroa had studied biology and was working in a clinic when she decided to start a new journey. While discussing the idea with her stepmother, she was encouraged to launch her own dog treat company here in the Rio Grande Valley.

My stepmother actually brought up the idea… she said with my creativity I would be able to do alot with it. I said why not, I gave it a try and I have had so much fun! Never would I have imagined it [Love treats McAllen] to grow this big.

Marcela Figueroa, Owner of Love Treats McAllen

Before getting in the kitchen, Figueroa learned all the nutritional aspects of making doggie treats and cakes from her stepmother, Claudia Vento.

As the founder of Love Treat, Vento taught her stepdaughter everything she learned from months of dog nutritional courses.

I learned so much about dog nutrition to make the cakes safe for dogs. Customers always ask if they can eat my products, and they can but you might start wagging you tail.

Marcela Figueroa, Owner of Love Treats McAllen

Figueroa is constantly on the search for new cake designs and welcoming to creative requests from fur parents.

Adding her own twist to the family business, Figueroa added her talents to other pet-focused products.

The business owner also makes pet portraits, she has previously focused on Christmas ornaments with dog portraits.

Currently a full-time job, Figueroa discussed her plans for the business’s future.

I truly love what I do. I love speaking with customers and seeing them treat their dogs. They are like family. I’m not sure where my own business will go but there is a possibility of there being a Love Treats store/cafe.

Marcela Figueroa, Owner of Love Treats McAllen

To explore more on Love Treats McAllen, individuals can visit the business’s Facebook page HERE.