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Paper Planes Flagship Store in New York Takes Flight with Mesmerizing Split-Flap TV

Paper Planes Pioneering Split-Flap TV Propels Pristine Shopping Perceptions

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Paper Planes, the renowned Roc Nation lifestyle brand, has unveiled its highly anticipated flagship store at 252 Lafayette St, New York, ushering in a new era of captivating in-store experiences. Amidst the multitude of intriguing features that adorn this style emporium, one stands out as visually striking and functionally innovative – the entrancing Split-Flap TV.

Evoking the Spirit of Departure Boards
The Split-Flap TV, inspired by the nostalgic departure boards reminiscent of railway stations and airports, pays homage to a bygone era where information unfurled through the charming clicking and flipping of mechanical boards. Spearheaded by Kurt Dupont, founder of PresentationPoint and a former communicator of flight information at Brussels airport, this innovative creation takes the concept of split-flap displays and reimagines it for the modern world.

An Old Charm Rekindled
Traditional mechanical split-flap boards, while historically efficient, have long been overshadowed by digital screens due to their expense and maintenance requirements. However, Split-Flap TV ingeniously recreates the allure of these vintage displays through a user-friendly app that can be effortlessly integrated into televisions of any size. With this revolutionary app, organizations and locales affiliated with aviation, travel, tourism, cafes, and more can recapture nostalgic communication’s elegance, starkly contrasting the ubiquitous and intrusive advertising screens that pervade modern spaces.

Paper Planes and Roc Nation Unveil the Future of Brand Identity
Paper Planes, the fashion brand under the aegis of Roc Nation, finds its symbol, the paper plane, taking flight on a grand scale at its flagship store in the heart of New York. On a mammoth 100-inch television, the brand showcases rotating messages that harken back to the golden age of airports. This feat is made possible by the Split-Flap TV platform, which permits Paper Planes to schedule and update messages seamlessly from their headquarters, even featuring real-time news and weather updates.

An Evolutionary Journey
Split-flap displays, with their roots tracing back to the early 20th century, were initially designed for railway stations and airports to convey departure and arrival information with unparalleled efficiency. Despite the advent of digital screens, the enchantment and nostalgia surrounding split-flap displays continue to enthrall people in the digital age. PresentationPoint’s founder, Kurt Dupont, who kickstarted his career as a developer at Brussels airport in 1992, was instrumental in creating a central airport database for shared information, which remains in use today. His airport experience and passion for connecting presentations and PowerPoint to real-time data laid the foundation for Split-Flap TV.

The Enduring Advantages of Split-Flap Technology
While modernity has largely embraced digital displays, split-flap boards remain fixtures at many airports and train stations due to their unique advantages:
• Imposing Size: The sheer size of a split-flap board cannot be matched by a single television screen.
• Visibility from a Distance: Information on split-flap boards remains legible even from afar.
• Continuous Readability: Passersby can easily read the information, ensuring smooth passenger flow.
• Uninterrupted Display: In case of a power failure, split-flap boards retain the last displayed information.

Kurt Dupont's Vision Realized
Kurt Dupont's vision was to reimagine and simulate the mechanical split-flap board for televisions, not as a replacement but as an homage to the charming display. His concept culminated in Split-Flap TV, an application that enables users to display messages and information on television screens with the signature split-flap aesthetic. The solution integrates a display app for televisions with another smartphone app, allowing for effortless management and scheduling of messages on split-flap TVs.

Aesthetic Brilliance and Brand Identity
The decision to incorporate a split-flap display at the Paper Planes flagship store was deliberate, aligning with the brand's aspiration to create an unforgettable atmosphere for shoppers. The vintage charm of the display harmonizes seamlessly with the Retro-inspired identity of Paper Planes, infusing a touch of nostalgia into the modern shopping milieu. The gentle cadence of flipping flaps adds a sensory dimension to the store's ambiance, leaving an indelible mark on every visitor.

Enhanced Store Navigation
The split-flap display at the Paper Planes flagship store serves as an aesthetic centerpiece and a practical tool for navigating the shop. Positioned strategically, it displays multiple messages that guide customers seamlessly through the store's offerings.

A Social Media Phenomenon
Creating moments that resonate on social media platforms is paramount for brand awareness in the digital age. The unique allure of the split-flap TV at the Paper Planes flagship store has transformed it into a favorite subject for social media content. Visitors flock to capture and share their experiences on various platforms, spreading the brand's wide reach. The captivating visuals and sounds of the flipping flaps elicit an irresistible urge to share, solidifying Paper Planes online presence.

The integration of Split-Flap TV at the Paper Planes flagship store in New York has revolutionized the shopping experience, infusing it with charm, functionality, and a touch of nostalgia. Beyond its visual appeal, the split-flap display is pivotal in in-store navigation and product promotion. By embracing this vintage-inspired technology and fusing it with its aviation brand identity, Paper Planes has crafted a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that resonates with customers and leaves an indelible impression.

For more information about Paper Planes and to experience the magic of Split-Flap TV, visit their website at https://www.paperplane.shop/.

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