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MAINGEAR Unveils Powerful Workstation PCs Designed for Creatives and Professionals

Available in 3 form factors and configurable with up to 96 CPU cores, 256GB DDR5, and up to 4 GPUs, ProWS Series workstations are the most powerful PCs MAINGEAR has ever produced

WARREN, N.J., Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- MAINGEAR, the leader in premium-quality, high-performance, custom PCs, today announced the launch of its latest lineup of Pro Series Workstation PCs, meticulously engineered and configurable with the industry's most powerful components, to cater to the diverse needs of professionals across multiple industries.

Ideal for game developers, photo editors, graphics designers, videographers, 3D rendering artists, music producers, CAD engineers, data scientists, and AI/Machine Learning developers, the MAINGEAR ProWS Series introduces a range of desktop workstations crafted to crush the most intensive tasks, elevate productivity and streamline workflow.

At the heart of the ProWS Series lies versatility. Understanding that different users have unique space requirements, MAINGEAR offers three distinct form factors: the ProWS for a traditional mid-tower design in the refined Fractal Design North chassis, the ProWS Max providing full-tower real estate, and the ProRS, engineered for industrial rackmount and high-end home use, designed to be oriented vertically or horizontally.

"At MAINGEAR, we understand the varying and diverse needs of creative professionals and power users. Our new Pro series workstations embrace the philosophy that not all PCs are created equal, and allow customers to fully tailor a powerful system to their unique use case and needs, delivering unparalleled value and performance," said Wallace Santos, Founder and CEO at MAINGEAR.

Moreover, MAINGEAR's commitment to customization shines through its graphics application process. Customers can personalize their workstations with logos, and artwork, or choose from a selection of designs. Every MAINGEAR ProWS system can be uniquely customized to align with a brand's identity, with options for individual system serializing and asset tagging.

The release of these workstations coincides with AMD's Ryzen Threadripper and Ryzen Threadripper Pro CPU launch. Leveraging these powerful CPUs alongside top-tier CPUs from Intel, including the full line of Xeon W CPUs, and pro-grade GPUs from NVIDIA, MAINGEAR's Pro series promises up to 96 Cores of high-speed, task-crushing performance.

MAINGEAR's three new extreme-performance workstations include:

ProWS: The ProWS offers a traditional mid-tower design based on the elegant and wildly popular North chassis from Fractal Design packed with powerful options:

  • Case: Fractal Design North mid-tower case (Glass or Mesh side panel options)
  • CPU choices: Intel Core, AMD Ryzen
  • Graphics: Up to 2x Nvidia RTX 6000 GPUs
  • Cooling: Noctua Case Fans
  • Memory: Up to 128GB DDR5 memory
  • Power: Up to 1600W PSU
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Pro, Linux, or Dual Boot operating system options
  • Storage: Samsung 990 NVMe SSDs (1-4TB options) OR Seagate IronWolf HDD (8-16TB options)
  • 2-Year Pro Solutions Warranty (Upgradeable to 3-year)

The ProWS Max and Pro RS: These extreme-performance workstations offer expanded performance capabilities and can be configured with the industry's most powerful components. The ProWS Max is a full tower solution based on the Define 7XL chassis from Fractal Design, while the ProRS is a 4U rackmount form factor based on the Silverstone RM44 chassis:

  • Case: Fractal Design Define 7 XL or Silverstone RM44
  • CPU choices: Intel Core, Intel Xeon, AMD Ryzen, AMD Ryzen Threadripper or AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro
  • Graphics: Up to 4x Nvidia A4000 or A5000 GPUs OR up to 3x RTX 6000 GPUs
  • Cooling: Noctua Case Fans
  • Memory: Up to 256GB DDR5
  • Power: Up to 1600W PSU
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Pro, Linux, or Dual Boot
  • Storage: Samsung 990 NVMe SSDs (1-4TB options) OR Seagate IronWolf HDD (8-16TB options)
  • 2-Year Pro Solutions Warranty (Upgradeable to 3-year)

MAINGEAR's workstation configurator tool is live, enabling customers to tailor their systems to meet their unique requirements. With the configurator, users can explore various configurations and obtain pricing based on their chosen specifications. Customers with specific hardware needs are welcome to contact MAINGEAR's no-pressure sales team, made up entirely of creators and PC power users, for a consultation and guidance.

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MAINGEAR is a leader in high-performance gaming PCs. With a passion for building the best high-performance computers, MAINGEAR will continue to set the standard. MAINGEAR's mission is to deliver world-class computing solutions with a focus on customization, service, and performance.

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