Back to school: Parents try to manage stress ahead of face-to-face learning in schools

Back to school

HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) —The challenges and changes of this past school year made parents and their kids face various levels of stress and anxiety amid covid-19. However, now that schools are preparing to go back to face-to-face learning they’re trying to manage their stress ahead of it.

Rio Grande Valley parents Myra and Javier Lopez told Valley Central how they are both scared for their two children, 15-year-old Kayle and 10-year-old Javier, to return to school in person; especially, since their son has asthma. 

“Right now, we’re at the point where we are getting everything set, calling up the nurse through the paperwork,” said Mrs. Lopez. 

Although both parents said their son is also scared to go back because of his medical condition, his sister is also concerned for him but is ready to return to in-person. 

“She’s very excited to go back. She wanted to go back last year, but we didn’t allow her to,” said Mrs. Lopez 

Mrs. Lopez said both of her kids went to virtual classes last school year at Vanguard Academy and it really made her feel like they were safe but she understood that keeping her kid’s social connections was important which is where the use of social media helped. 

“She FaceTimed with friends, she does text with her friends, she plays softball,” said Mrs. Lopez. 

However, with schools not being able to offer virtual learning this year, Mr. Lopez said their stress has gone up because of his son’s medical condition. 

“We take care of our kids because we know their weaknesses and their medical conditions are asthma,  it comes down to your lungs. So, with covid hitting, the first thing that it does is damage your lungs,” said Mr. Lopez. 

Mrs. Lopez added one of the ways she has managed her stress is with the help of the school from hearing about their safety protocols to talking with teachers. 

“With the school, they go to they attend vanguard, so we have that communication one on one with teachers.” Mrs. Lopez adds, “so I’ve been texting them and I know they’re super busy but they’ve been amazing.”

RGV Psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa Cortez explained some ways to manage stress for both parents and kids. 

“Go outside. take a break and when you do take breaks make sure your children are taking breaks too. but when you do take your break make sure it’s alone and just your alone time, deep breathing is very good, meditation,” said Dr. Cortez. 

Both parents said for this upcoming school year all they can do is hope their kids don’t get covid and that people take care of their kids and keep them safe also. 

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