Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)—Residents are used to watch political t-v ads and unwanted calls…but now campaigns are getting people’s attention with political text messages.

College student Donavuan Salazar said he has received non-stop messages from unfamiliar numbers and believes they are distracting and “annoying”

Salazar is not the only one, so has his friend Danielle Champine. “I get them like maybe two times a week,” she said.

Thousands of people across the country are seeing an increase in messages from campaigns.

Richard Longoria, an associate professor at UTRGV, said campaigns are focused on getting their message to viewers on all platforms. Campaigns can get people’s information from a survey completed, voter registration card or any public records.

“If there’s a screen in front of you campaigns are going to use it to reach out to you. Whether it’s television, social media or right through your telephone and text messages. Any opportunity they have to reach out to people they’re going to use it,” said Longoria “Campaigns can reach you wherever you’re at.”

 Champine said it’s a good move to reach potential voters. “I don’t watch tv anymore like at all. It’s either work or phone so that’s a good tactic,” she said.

It’s a move Salazar doesn’t like. “It seems a bit unnecessary for younger people but maybe for older folks,” he said.

There’s a way to opt out. Just reply to the message stop or opt out.

“You’re going to start seeing more and more of those as you get closer to election day,” said Longoria.

If you still receive messages after opting out you can file a complaint with the federal trade commission.